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membership requirements


Becoming a member means you have read and agreed to all the terms, rules and requirements within this charter, Violation of any rules or requirements by any member or their guests can lead to immediate removal from the event or permanent loss of membership.

• Members and guest acknowledge that Zero Point is a space of responsible, peaceful, •

respectful and friendly behavior and it is their duty to uphold this creed.


• Members are responsible to make sure their guests have read and are informed of the rules •

and requirements and will be held responsible for their behavior.


• Upon entry members and their guests will be required to show •

proper identification and Membership card.


• Memberships are not transferable. •


• Memberships can be revoked or suspended at any time at our discretion. •


• Members and guests enter at their own risk and agree upon entry to release Zero Point and all parties • involved from any liability or responsibility such as but not limited to injury, death or theft.


• Members and guests understand they are responsible for their own safety and •

well being regardless of the environment around them.


• Members and guests agree to the posting of photos on any website or social networking site •

and not hold Zero Point liable for any photographers actions.


• You grant permission to use your image and or likness captured by photo or video. •


• Members are responsible for any property damage to the space. •


• Members acknowledge this is a self policing community and will report any suspicious •

or unacceptable behavior to Zero Point security or staff. 


• Zero Point reserves the right to amend or change rules or requirements at any time. •



2. No illegal activities. 

3. No substance abuse.

4. No disorderly or disrespectful behavior.

5. No weapons.

6. No aggressive physical or verbal behavior of any kind regardless of who started it or is at fault.

7. No groping or any sexual harassment.

8. No loitering.

9. No graffiti or vandalism of any kind. (this includes stickers)

10. No Inhalants. 

11. No sneaking in or sneaking any one else in.

12. Do not attempt to drive while being intoxicated.

13. Maintain respect for the space, people in the space, and the surrounding neighborhood.

14. Have integrity and a friendly behavior.

15. Maintain restroom cleanliness for others after each use.

16. Any found items will be returned to lost and found.

17. Any unusual or unacceptable behavior observed must be reported to staff immediately.


18. Be sure to have a Beautiful Day

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