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Collaboration of local community to create a Music by Night, Spiritual Stimulation by day, 3 day Hyper Interactive Gathering. Intention is to create a safe dance space and hold space for potential spiritual evolutions. We envision a staging ground for Dance Music by Night - Yoga, Qi Gong, and Spiritual Masters by day.


Hyper Interactive meaning: Leave No Trace, Theme Camps, Art Cars, and Performing Artists.


Zero Point will be the first Event of its kind to be held within the fields of a Zero Point Scalar Technology. The technology normally used for its health benefits will be provided by EESystem, a 13 year old documented safe and beneficial technology. Benefits of the technology are realignment of chakras, balance of left right brain hemispheres, relief from pain, increased oxygenation and hydration, optimum brain chemistry, and miracle healing including sight to blind, lame walking, and medically documented miracles of relief from chronic illnesses. Zero Point will create a space where Miracles can and Will Manifest.



It’s All Energy

The zero point field turns out to be rather important. All that energy, all the subatomic particles in constant flux, is an inexhaustible energy force, a sort of supercharged link between all things. The zero point field suggests that all matter in the universe is interconnected by subatomic waves that are spread out connecting one part of the universe to every other part. Scientists now realize this field could be the explanation for all kinds of phenomenon previously unexplainable, such as the Chinese belief in chi, telepathy, and other psychic phenomenon. It’s also why your mind impacts the world around you. And underlying that key is the reality that everything in the universe is connected to everything else energetically. It’s that connection that creates the law of attraction. When you really get the truth of that connection, it’s a lot easier to start training your mind toward positive thought.


In other words, it’s why your thoughts create reality.

It’s why the law of attraction runs your life.

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